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friDay Film Festival

To create an outstanding online video platform that distinguishes itself from peers in the market

This project centered on the launch of friDay online videos. This online platform categorizes videos in a film festival style by film critics’ recommendations, such categorization has become one of its market advantages. In terms of product advantage, we explored viewers’ demands while watching particular videos. For example, we differentiated movies that would probably make you burst into tears (emotional dramas), movies that you want to watch alone (erotic films), and classic movies for film enthusiasts (Golden Horse Award winners). We promoted this video platform’s unique service of audience segmentation by using a series of nine short films to communicate with the audience.

My Preliminary Ideas The target audience led me to think about commuters. My first idea was to design an offline-to-online consumer journey by integrating commuter behaviours with train carriage environment. By decorating train carriages with wrap advertisement, commuters can use their smartphones to scan movie items on the wall. Different items would correspond to specific movies and free serial numbers, the commuters could then watch videos at home for free as soon as they become registered members. However, this proposal was discontinued for being over budget.

Focusing on Target Audience For the purpose of effective communication, the target audience’s characteristics, viewing environments, and psychological needs were analyzed in details to reveal individual, potential viewing demands.

Consumer Journey Segment communication was done by using nine online short films, and a seven-day free trial was offered following these videos. For the offline campaign, we created a 360-degree visual design at the MRT station for commuters to experience movie scenes. This served to promote friDay’s APP downloads and as a reminder for friDay’s online events.

Small Inventions This is an online interactive mechanism that displays nine movie player tools during a video. This mechanism could be developed through crowdfunding if people like them. This adds more fun and interaction to movie activities.

Creative Brainstorming This is the first project that I participated in from the start to the end. Initially, I came up with many over budget ideas. In order to solve this problem, I began analyzing different cases, attending creative advertising seminars, and learning from experienced teammates. In addition to learning about creative output, I also studied various strategies by reading different books and stories about social community behaviours and social phenomena. The knowledge from different fields not only enhanced my logics in creative thinking, but also helped me propose creative strategies that the director appreciated at brainstorming meetings.

Emergency Situations As the company happened to be understaffed during the execution of this project, the website slicing had to be outsourced. One day before the online launch, the outsourcing company informed us on a short notice that the work could not be completed on time. As the only team member with the experience in programming, I took over the task and collaborated with the team to ensure the website was launched on time.

Cinderella’s Time-Saving Magic

To promote products and rescue the reduced sales volume resulted from the introduction of Japanese and Korean products

This project centered on promoting the release of Neutrogena Cleansing Oil and improving its sales volume in Taiwan, which was hindered by the introduction of Japanese and Korean skin care products. We focused the promotion on Neutrogena Cleansing Oil’s advantage as a mild cleanser and makeup remover in one bottle. As we further analyzed the sales pattern impacted by competing Japanese and Korean products, we observed that the consumer population of these products was mostly made of students and newly graduates—busy individuals who wanted more personal time and liked delicate Japanese- and Korean-style packaging. Therefore, we re-packaged Neutrogena Cleansing Oil as a time-saver for people to enjoy life. We also designed a fairy-tale image to attract the young ladies at first sight.

Observation on Lifestyle We outlined the possible lifestyle of our target audience. Taking busy college students or newly graduates who just entered work force for example, these people are common in that they rarely have spare time for themselves. We therefore created the modern version of Cinderella.

Portrait Photography As the main designer of this project, I created six contexts with enjoyment as the theme. At the photo shoot, the executive creative director entrusted me with the duties of the main supervisor. Hence I had the opportunity to work with the professional photography team and successfully completed this portrait photo shoot. It was truly a valuable learning experience to be able to work with different professions.

A Face-Wash Competition Video In order for consumers to strongly experience the product advantages, we recorded a video for a face-wash competition. By displaying one bottle of easy-to-use cleanser and makeup remover next to a clutter of bottles and containers, we designed a sharp contrast between the images and the paces in facial cleansing.

Rubbing Foam on the Mobile Phone We designed a small interactive activity for the distribution of online coupon, integrating the actions of facial cleansing with mobile phones. This game involved having users to try to calculate the amount of time required for the cleansing oil to turn into foam and obtain corresponding rewards by quickly drawing circles with their fingers on the screen.

The Importance of the Content and ProductIn respect of effectiveness, the number of online shared links reached the client’s key performance indicator. In addition, I also privately searched users’ opinions about this event. Many people found the images attractive at first sight, and they also felt satisfied about the products. The performance of project led to Neutrogena’s pre-booking of our next collaboration.

Communications between Transnational CorporationsAlthough this project received positive feedbacks from our client in Taiwan, the U.S. headquarters requested us to remove pictures that could be identified as Cinderella because they perceived Cinderella as a negative image. After many rounds of communication, we got to retain the character portraits while the remaining identifiable pictures had to be removed. Similar situation occurred many times throughout the project, and I believe such issue is something worth reflecting on.

#Growing Strong Together

To attract females with potential motivation for exercise to sign up for the event

This project centered on the online promotion of Adidas’ series of activities for girls over the duration of one month. The activities included boxing, aerial yoga, jogging, and training. Considering the budgeted cost and the effect of Internet diffusion, we invited four “Adigirls” (girls who have signed a contract with Adidas) with influences in social communities to share short films about their specialized sports and their stories about exercise. Meanwhile, special online photo-taking functions were designed for users to share and sizzle the atmosphere to encourage exercise among ladies. The slogan of “# growing strong together” was used to promote the event.

Observing the Reasons for Exercises In order to more precisely grasp the effects of exercise, our team used social communities to record the feelings and conditions when people run. To obtain further understanding about exercise, I also interviewed many friends in the target audience and noted down their motivations for exercise and reasons of suspending such activity. We came to the conclusion that many girls exercise because they want to become better in various aspects.

Planning the Strategy Strategically speaking, we initially had two options. The first one was to create a personalized, interactive exercise invitation, which would require the construction of a brand new app. The second option was to make online videos with the support from the Adigirls, who already had many fans. Considering of the budget, we decided to proceed with the second option.

Video Structure We also proposed two video structures. One of which was to ask Adigirls to surprise pedestrians at unexpected locations and challenge them to a sport category, and the other one was to distribute their reasons of exercise to encourage their fans. After many discussions, we went with the second option as it was considered to be more authentic and influential.

Photo Templates As female users like to take pictures and share them on social media, we designed many different photo templates for female participants in the event. We also ask users to share their reasons for doing exercise along with their uploaded photos.

Consumer Experience Not only did the performance of this project achieve the key performance indicator, but it also gained popularity on the Internet. I suppose it had to do with precise observation and finding users’ potential needs. This is because the reasons for exercise are often psychological. Through a longer experiment duration, our team explored the deeper needs and the potential challenges for ourselves and the target audience. By doing so, we successfully determined the reasons and challenges for doing exercise.

ReflectionI joined the creative team because I value the influences of creativity. As I continued to make observation after this project was completed, I noticed that the photos shared during the event were mostly selfies and the popularity of exercise also seemed to cool down. This gave me different ideas about the creative industry. In order to prolong the effects of a campaign, perhaps we still need to get closer to understand users’ situations or use more convenient channels.

The Light Philosophy of Going Outdoors

To promote the soft launch of the mobile wallet

This case centered on the promotion of the mobile wallets released by one of Taiwan’s mainstream telecommunications providers. Although many mobile wallets already existed in the Taiwanese market, their utilization rates remained low due to security and location concerns. Thus we used the advantages of this telecommunications provider—its vast network of distribution channels such as convenient stores, department stores, and telecommunications retailers, as well as its resources—to promote the convenience and safety of mobile wallets.

Brainstorming and Observation During the process of exploring consumer experiences, we used mind maps to determine different situations in which people wouldn’t want to bring their wallets. Moreover, we physically observed the inconvenience involved, and handed out questionnaires to isolate the most common contexts—jogging, taking care of children, and taking a walk.

Creating a New Concept We transformed the behaviour of leaving home without a wallet into a new, simple concept of going outdoors—the “light philosophy for going outdoors.” We also used online videos to communicate the differences in lifestyle before and after adopting the new concept.

Contextual Videos The filming of the videos took into consideration the proportions of the before and after contexts of using various products. After many discussions, we set the inconvenient pain points before adopting the mobile wallet as a reminder, while making the sense of ease after using the mobile wallet to try attract users. In order fully exhibit the image of light philosophy, we also discussed different ways of presenting our ideas with the video production team to make the videos less commercial.

Comprehensive Creative Development This project was primarily under my lead because the client and the team regarded my preliminary creativity as the most suitable for the product at the stage. In the beginning, I perceived this mobile wallet as something more than just a new product—it was more like a new lifestyle. I therefore decided the strategy and planning must be more comprehensive. I tried thinking about the product from the perspectives of actual users, potential consumers, clients, and the creativity industry before I proposed a strategy that was accepted by the client and the team.

Product Positioning This project took about one year and included four visual proposals. The product development was not yet completed when we initiated creative brainstorming. Given the client’s hope to release the product early because Apple Pay would soon enter the market at the end of the year, we were not able to properly position the product. The lack of product positioning resulted in multiple revisions of proposals. This also resulted in the unavailability of many services following the launch. Perhaps this issue can be improved if the creative team and the client could together work out the product’s online launch.

Happy Fries on the Third of Every Month

To remind consumers to purchase this snack every month during the one-year event

This case centered on a regular promotion for one year of duration. Since the product involved features three flavors of French fries in one bag, we emphasized the figure three by setting up the promotion day to be the third of every month. Participants could visit the mobile website on the third of every month and enter a draw by shaking their mobile phones. The target audience of this project, office workers, often share negative thoughts about their jobs, such as low wages, high work hours, and desires for a vacation on the social media. We therefore collaborated with popular illustrators in Taiwan to create pictures showing office workers’ thoughts. These pictures successfully increased the number of shared links about the promotion. Different awards were also provided in this activity to lift people’s negative feelings.

Society and Social Insights By observing the social phenomena and social behaviours, we noticed that the target audience often expressed their complaints regarding work or life as a measure to obtain replies and comfort. Meanwhile, they also followed many of the illustrators who create pictures that reflect people’s thoughts and feelings.

Being on the Same Wavelength To better understand target consumers, we also observed several similar fan groups to discover and establish collaborations with popular illustrators. Furthermore, Google calendar’s reminder function was also added to the website to help users count down to the monthly event.

Website Design The main product of this project was the mobile event website with the primary functions of registering Uniform Invoice numbers, filling in information, and sharing. In order to entertain users during the long and boring process of information entry, we designed the website as a chat room. Interactions in the forms of questions and answers not only added more fun to the process but also reduced the exit rates.

Integration with Social PhenomenaDespite being a promotional project, this was one of my favorite projects because it reflects the social phenomena in Taiwan. Over my long period of creative brainstorming, the most critical element that I hope to work on is to relate to social phenomena. I know this is very difficult, and I have learned from the book "Connect: Design for an Empathic Society" that the process of designing solutions for social issues requires long-term experimentation and the participation of different parties. However, I will continue to seek opportunities to work on social issues.

Feel grateful that I'm able to be a part of the creativity industry that gives me opportunities to learn and practice design thinking.
But there are still some challenges while working so that I apply for the MA Service Experience Design and Innovation program.
In the next section, I will describe the reasons for applying. OK! See the personal statement!

Personal Statement

Looking forward to being a creative service designer is exactly the reason why I apply for the MA Service Experience Design and Innovation program. I believe that the design work is meaningful if it is linked to the real life. The objective I am aiming for is not only the knowledge of theories and skills in innovation and creativity but also the project-based practice which is the key of this program. In addition, I am keen to gain an interdisciplinary perspective and a high-level design thinking from working on a live project. These rigorous trainings and intensive interactions in the class will definitely develop my abilities.

After graduated from Department of Graphic Arts Communication in 2011, I’ve been working as a web designer for five years.During the time, I learned how a good UI and UX website could make difference in user behaviour. In 2012, I set up my own studio website, "O!live Studio", for acquiring more experience from cooperation in different fields and communication with different professions.

In the era of the growing of the social network, I always find a lot of gaps between the real and the online worlds. In 2015, I joined an advertising agency, where it brings different parties together in order to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome. I got trained in my design thinking and observation by leading projects in visual design, film design and strategy development. From work, I also gained some knowledge about service design and social design. I realized that the service design is the one that can be used to improve our everyday lives, but it is challenging. In order to understand the concept in more detail, I read two books, “This is service design thinking!” and “Connect: Design for an Empathic Society”, as well as studied the details from the websites to learn how service design works. I became interested in this topic, which led me to apply for this program.

I think this series of work experience makes me a qualified candidate for this program. I hope I will be able to contribute my experience and knowledge about advertisement and social observation to this program,and also learn the service design skills, global perspectives and how to develop my leadership from the course and classmates. Regarding the personal characteristics, I am a self-motivated, responsible and humble person. I am also a good team member who would like to share the idea with my teammates. Now, I am applying for the program and seeking for the opportunity to study at one of the world's leading universities for art and design. Thank you for taking time to read my personal statement. I am sincerely looking forward to having an interview opportunity and discussing my application further.

Major Project Proposal
Book Journey


Our life is busy and priorities change. Therefore, the reading habit is disrupted by electronic product and reduced time. But no matter what, reading is still a unanimously agreed way for learning and collecting our thoughts. Nowadays, people often buy from bookstores, buy from online or buy ebooks. There are still many readers prefer the printed book. According to this, I’ve surveyed the treatment for printed books after read, and there came several results such as being stored at home, recycled, and sold as a secondhand book. There are also people exchange books with others. It shows that there are parts of printed books can be existed in a delivered way, and the concept of “Delivery Instead of Buying” can also reduce the number of trees being made into paper.

Solution Now

Since 2013, the mobile library inside the bus has been placed throughout Taiwan which is running on the honour system; it allow for passengers to borrow books anonymously. But it’s reported that the 99% of books borrowed were never returned. And due to the commuting time and environment, the service is continued with difficulty.
Lately, there is a reading promotion to hide books in London subway started from the actress Emma Waston. I think it is a meaningful advocate. But applying to another country or culture, it seems work differently. In my observation, I think it is because of the difference in reading habit and its randomness of selections available to users.

Idea Generation

From my personal experience, I’ve gotten used to spending 30 minutes to read books in my daily commuting time for several months since my work hour became longer. And it converted the boring commute into a peaceful and thoughtful 30 minutes. I also got my reading habit back! Thus I believe that if we find who has the latent demand and the environment for read, we can cultivate the reading habit again.

What if

We use the tool which combines the borrowing system and share platform to advocate the benefit of delivering printed books and reading. It’s operated by the membership for better tracking and enhancing the integral process. In addition, find the proper place for read and offer the book. Not only provide a more convenient way for busy readers to read, but also spread the reading atmosphere throughout the city.


"Book Journey"
I named it for two meanings.
One is reading books in different places,
and the other is book a journey for you.

How it works

  • Borrowing tool: Book Journey App, a card or a fingerprint
  • Automated book machine: Offering books, returning books
  • Website: Tracking, managing list, sharing, reserving and positioning
Book Source
  • The book resource is from the traditional library. To develop a new service which corporate with the community resource.
  • Cooperate with the publishing industry annually to update the resource.

ChargeCharge for each book.


  1. Tracking for every book journey: For example, The book “The Fantastic Beasts” host is Manping Chen, the borrowing date is 2/5 and the returning date is 2/8.
  2. Book Host: After get your book, you are the book host in the period. And it’s for better tracking.
  3. Reward system: Accumulate your score for returning books on time and pay for late returns.
  4. Honoured Host: If score and history are higher enough, you can upgrade to the honoured host which can enjoy the special services, such as a cup of coffee and snack in the station.
  5. Reading List: You can organize your reading list, and the system will inform you the status of the book automatically.
  6. Page Notes: You can note the page number for next time.
  7. Sharing: You can read the reviews and share yours.
  8. Positioning: Give a timely reminders if there is a book you want nearby.


  • Surprises for readers in particular places, such as, offering a cup of coffee or snacks when they receive the book in the station, or on the plane.
  • Combine with the ticket booking process in the transportation website, for instance, after booking the train ticket, you can decide if you want to pay more $0.5 for a book, receive in the station and read while taking the train.
  • Keep opening up new places, such as hotel, coffee shops, swimming pool, etc.


After joining in the course, in addition to learning the core theory of the service experience design, I am aiming to practice the acquired knowledge and skills to make the project more objective, innovative and feasible. According to two books I’ve read, “This is Service Design Thinking!” and “Community Design”, I envisage the execution with several tools and methods.

Below please find explanation for each of the following methods:

First, draft the preliminary service blueprint for understanding the whole process built by service providers and participants.


Experience and collect the potential partner is the primary work in this stage. I would like to use Service Safaris to find if there are more proper innovative ways for reading, like visiting Idea Store, look for the possible book source and service providers which predict as traditional libraries and train stations. Or consult the real studio if they have the clients are interested in the project, being FutureGov, Live|Work, etc.
Choose Customer Journey Maps to see if the touchpoints have positive interactions. And then explore if there are more latent reading demands by The Five Whys, to me is a practical method also can practise in ordinary lives. I wonder if Cultural Probes can also assist the exploration but still not find showcases.

Idea Generate and Execute

Expect to have more ideas which think outside the box by asking what if. Consider the project may need transports, I plan to test its feasibility by Service Prototypes and Service Staging which might play the commuter who used the prototype of the machine and the app to receive and return a book in train stations. Co-create with more stakeholders may come up new ideas. For example, discuss the APP structure with service providers and APP developer about may have a better connection to the future development of the provider. Then focus on the proper proposals to review the service blueprint for adjustment.


Lastly, it will be a good learning from practicing Customer Lifecycle Maps which I can have a full view and a deeper grasp about if there are anything can improve in this service experience design.

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

"My decision was proven correct in the next one and a half years of working with Man-Ping. Not only did she learn to identify consumer insights within a short period of time, she also tried analyzing on her own to discovered creative aspects that she could work on. By integrating her expertise in design and illustration with work, Man-Ping came up with many outstanding proposals and creative projects. Moreover, I also found Man-Ping to be a kind-hearted girl who takes care of her colleagues.more...
- Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Taiwan, Paul Hung

To whom it may concern,

As Man-Ping plans to apply for the Master’s program of Service Experience Design and Innovation, it is my pleasure to be invited to write this reference letter for her. By judging Man-Ping’s professional abilities and personalities, I believe Man-Ping is a highly qualified applicant for this program.

The first time I met Man-Ping was at a job interview in 2015. Although she did not have any experience of working in an advertising company back then, I noticed her talents in design and illustration as well as her great interests in our company’s O2O campaign. I therefore decided to give this young girl a chance. My decision was proven correct in the next one and a half years of working with Man-Ping. Not only did she learn to identify consumer insights within a short period of time, she also tried analyzing on her own to discovered creative aspects that she could work on. By integrating her expertise in design and illustration with work, Man-Ping came up with many outstanding proposals and creative projects. Moreover, I also found Man-Ping to be a kind-hearted girl who takes care of her colleagues. While she respected different opinions in the team, she also worked hard to express her own voices. Not only did she complete her assigned tasks with a responsible attitude, she also brought a more harmonious work atmosphere to the team.

During my 18 months of working with Man-Ping, I saw a young lady who actively built up experiences and abilities in preparation for the future. Within a short period time, she proved that her passion and persistent self-discipline could exceed those of people with seniority. Although I feel reluctant to see her leave, I am also very happy for Man-Ping’s decision to pursue further education with a clear and precise future plan. Therefore, in your evaluation of Man-Ping for the opportunity to study in the Master’s program, please consider my recommendation as described above. I believe her performance will bring excitement to the program.

Paul Hung
Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Taiwan
Thanks for the sharing

"I have worked with Man-Ping for about five years. She has always been a highly qualified collaborator who completed the assigned tasks ahead of schedule. She adapted to her team with patience and attention to details. Moreover, she gave us suggestions from different perspectives in a timely manner. Instead of thinking from the perspective of a designer, some of her suggestions were based on the thoughts of Internet users or readers. Her works were always beyond my imagination and very impressive.more...
- Senior Account Planner, Sanlih E-Television, Alice Cheng

To whom it may concern,

I have worked with Man-Ping for about five years. She has always been a highly qualified collaborator who completed the assigned tasks ahead of schedule. She adapted to her team with patience and attention to details. Moreover, she gave us suggestions from different perspectives in a timely manner. Instead of thinking from the perspective of a designer, some of her suggestions were based on the thoughts of Internet users or readers. Her works were always beyond my imagination and very impressive.

In respect to work attitude, Man-Ping worked hard and brought great help to our company during the period of our collaboration. She gave me the impression as someone full of vision for the future, who also actively hopes to acquire more design skills through different kinds of project. She often attended classes after work for self-enrichment, and used her commute time to work to listen to English news. As a result, she is equipped with a better set of professional skills than other colleagues of her age. I believe that she will continue to grow in a more diverse environment where she can apply and further advance her current skills.

Working in the design industry often requires making adaptations to clients’ requests. Man-Ping always patiently made adjustments to our clients’ needs with a friendly attitude. She also got along well with other colleagues and was popular and well-liked by her peers.

I sincerely expect Man-Ping to further develop and advance her professional skills under on-going training. I also believe that Man-Ping will work hard to apply her expertise under the guidance of her supervisors. Since I know that Man-Ping Chen has the personality of being attentive to details and equipped with good communication skills, logical organization, and teamwork, I strongly recommend her to your consideration.

Alice Cheng
Senior Account Planner, Sanlih E-Television
+886 0952018562
Thanks for the sharing